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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quantum of Solace 007

Salam all...

So my frens and I went to the siganture to watch mr bond. Overall its a good movie yet sumhow i dont feel the excitement like the previous bond movies. The action scenes is so scarry! patut la dia bwat plastic surgery... hehehe...

So before the movie starts.. we went to the bowling and games center.. It wus soooo fun playing at mid valley's bowling alley. Feels like clubbing at chokia club je. ahaha... it wus fun thou... The best part is I won the mini match... "mcm biasa". Then we play sum games which uses the token thingy.. I paid like RM 30 i think.. haish. membazir...

After a while at the games center tu.. i decided to play "tikam hadiah" which u need to control the robotic arm carefully aim at your prize which is mr jack skelington! I tried once, hell no way gona get that jack. try few more later on... Shezam! i got it.. hehehe.. along, ikin, wirda and i were screaming!!! dapat dapat!!! hahahaha...

At 11 sumthing.. we rush back to the cinema to watch bond 007. I bought the masin popcorn.. which sumhow taste like curry... dont ask me why.. perhaps the salt being mix with sum curry powder. hurm.. interesting.

After the movie.. we go for supper.. it wus 2-3 am already at that time... the place wus bangsar food court..erh.. kotornye.. takpe layan je la... the entire family of roaches were there!!! euw. I ordered ayam kunyit... adn 2 glasses of teh ais. Along brought us "sata" that day... but unfortunately the sata is turnin bad. kesian along. all the way from pahang... hurm thanks along! next time i shall melahap all the sata k... Imie and aweng hisap shisha... being curious so i smoked that thing too... honestly, its soo yucky! hehehe.. later that night i start to become dizzy and semput.. thats first and last... no more shisha guys.. :P

till then...


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