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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Salam all..

Hari ni Vday, hish mane boleh sambut.. non boleh! I decided to go GARDEN mid valley with my family coz my brother wuna buy his art stuffs. wuuuu kalah aku! we went to this new art shop, just name it... they have it in store. if u r looking for baby chics or spider, hahaha u went to the wrong shop okays! this shop fully stocked with art supplies for those art enthusiast. the price for an item, not bad and reasonable lah... hey business is business... hehehe, for me its kinda expensive yet affordable lah. i bought small square canvas and "benda emas lilit" aka tinsel stem... hahaha. choy je. i wud recommend all artists and designers too check out this place. two thumbs up! its ART FRIEND shop, located same floor as borders.

then afta walking around the mall, me wus so hungry. nyum! got new place to dine in. its a food court located beside BORDERS book store. hmmm its a nice place ya know. ada KELAS! ahaks. i ordered this iranian dish. gosh sedap! RM 17 per plate.. mmg la sedap! lubang pokets aku! hahaha.. it wus worth it... sodappp. check out "The house of iranian" kot.. i cant remember.. but its specialized in iranian foods.

hiks! till then.. pgl show coming soon.. i will update it ala red carpet ok! nice dits! hehehe...mwah.


1 comment:

Ri said...

thanks for the tip! will check it out someday soon!

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