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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Salam all..

Yeah! im proud to participated in this world wide event!!! Malaysia Boleh! mmm NOT!
so its time to switch off the lights for an hour from 8.30pm till 9.30pm. just one hour... i can do dat... well i have experienced for not having electricity for one day long.. apela sangat satu jam. so my family and i decided to do switch off the lights, tv and few not important plugs. The fridge stays on coz we have some "valuable" stuffs in there.. bak kata pepatah.. tak baik membazir. hahaha..

Approximately 8.15pm, we qucikly clean up the dishes and get ready to experience the 1 hour of darkness.. but the lampu jalan still on. INCLUDING rumah agam behind my house.. hahaha!
the street lights wud be okay, but some houses just being selfish not to participate in this kind of event.. mayb the have thier own reason(s)... well, let them be.. What i want to share with u is this, i smses my frens to join in switching off the lights.. Here r some of their responds to me. Hilarious!

1) pish, takut la nak tutup lampu. sorang je nih... tutup sket sket je.. ikut syarat.

2) Yeah. we r having our dinner. the ligsht is off. (dinner party in a restaurant)

3) cannot lah, i got kenduri. my guest wil ran away later on. hehehehe

5) sir! yes sir...

6) okesh. yes boss!

7) i did.

8) dah bwat saje.

9) yeah! m not at home. hehehe.

10) sorry, im so scared lah. i turn on the lights and radio because im alone in the house. may b next year. arent u suppose to switch off your hp too?

11) hye hafiz, bz tadi tak switch off the lights pon, my sister ajar tuition.

12) bro sory tak balas, tade credit lah (thru YM) -- this one paling kesian.

There it goes people.. analyze it. some definetely support it. however there is some of us not so into it.. like i said, mayb the have some good reasons to not doing that.


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