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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Plaza Linkin Park and Malam Berinai in JB

Salam all,

Are u ready for my hippy cheeky journey to southern part of mesia and short trip to kota singa? ok.. fasten ur seat belt everyone.. here we go! wiiiiiiiii wonderperts kami datang... :P

The journey to Johor by car wud take around 4 hours.. argh! it has been sooo long not goin back to johore. not to worries.. cuz i have equiped myself with my newest gadget. yeas... the ipod shuffle.. hehehe.. blah2, arrived in JB around 1pm. check in, lepak2.

fyi, there is also berita harian crew that day, promoting the anugerah fofular dot dot tu.. wus hoping to get a glimpse of fofular stars.. nah. not a chance. they were out jalan2 around jb i think. damn.

during the lepak2, we go around the area to jalan2 makan2... we went to Plaza Larkin. i nicknamed it.. Plaza Linkin Park. ahaks. glam sket. My mom bought new baju melayu for dad and jib jib. well.. i wanted to buy one, unfortunately theres no size for me. aiya...

then we went back to the hotel.. get ready for >MALAM BERINAI< huyeah.

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