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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Secession to Early Modernism in Textile Perpective.


“Secessionists and Werkstatters believed that objects, furniture and fashion should be created in harmonious styles, bringing a cohesive artiness to one's surroundings. This means the collectives' fabrics got whipped up into evening gowns, lampshades and curtains.” (source:,1140630/critic-review.html)

The pictures above showing one of the textile designed by Gustav Klimt. The simplified form of leaves portraying their philosophy of secessionists. The usage of modern pattern as their motif in the textile design showed less decorative compare in the arts & craft movement. As stated above, the textile also act as a cohesive product can be use on other mediums. One design that fir for all.

In my opinion this lead to the more vigorous development designs in the world of textile. There is more exploration on the material and technique uses in the textile design.

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