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Monday, January 26, 2009


* mdm saloma in her box appartment. the two kittens are busy sucking mamas tits... ahaks!

Salam all...

Hey what a surprise! A few weeks ago, my mom spotted 2 kittens under the pandan tree... yerp 2 cute kittens is born. The mummy (saloma) is in good condition! shes kinda fat too.. so the kitties i named it elm(black) and smurf(white). The mother seems to be protective with her kitties. Hurm.. garang sangat. When even i refill the food cointaner with freeskies.. she hisses at me.. Hey thats so rude! hehehe.. owh well kitties.

till then...


1 comment:

Ri said...

tahniah atas kelahiran baby2 baru anda :P

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