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Monday, June 29, 2009

Realiti Alam Baru


Hye shume... its been a quite sum time i have not update my blog kan... gosh! so here it goes.. im gona tell ya my pengalaman last friday.

Its 6.00 pm, its time to go back from my office in kl. Me and my colleague zoom off to kl sentral to catch the 6.45 train to pelabuhan klang. Once we arrived, they announced that its gona be late for 1 hour... ARGH!!! mak aku goreng cempedak pun dah habis tau...

next.. we took the RAPID bus heading to sunway. OMG. the bus is full with "rempah ratus"... smells so yucky lah! like rotten fish ya know.. i dah nak muntah okay.. sampai takat leher dah tahan bau busuk dalam bus.. gosh! korang tak mandi ke?? gile babas busuk. euw euw euw...

suddenly there is one guy screaming for help. "matilah aku, matilah matilah"... cuz his kaki tersepit between the door.. HAHA padan muka! bus tu kan dah sempit.. yg ko duduk belakang pintu tu kenapa sengal...

then we arrived at sunway... i went to the giant to buy sum asams... sbb kepala dah pening sangat bau rempah ratus dalam bus tadi. busuk! euw! disgusting! after dinner i decided to take the taxi instead.. the driver wus sooo rude and celaka! he scolded me for showing the long way back home... hello! aku bayar ko lah sengal!!! no wonder hes a taxi driver lah.. (but not other cab drivers r like dat lah kan) so sampai rumah... syukran. it wus a bad day for me... no more taxi ride with the kap lam ya nge... im so not goin to ride anymore cabs after this incident. uwek!

so peeps... please be careful when u ride the rapid, taxi or ktm... :P
till then... au voir!


1 comment:

LittleTati said...

kesiannye my dear afi..
so boys and girls,
the moral of the story is:
Getcha own d*mn transport!!

only THEN u'll feel the difference...

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